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Honestly this game is way too easy. I solved the first puzzle in a second. The rest were a bit harder. But still too easy. Could you make it a bit harder? I feel like theres no challenge for a 200 IQ fella like myself. If you watched Rick & Morty then you'd understand what I mean. I'm shaking my head writing this.

Listen here, buddy. This game is a lot of things. Masterpiece, Revelation, and Pioneer to name a few. But it is NOT easy. You may have a high IQ, but funnily enough, mine's higher. And I can tell that you are just saying it was easy because you wish to discount the achievement for those who made it to the secret ending all in the name of appearing to be a "gamer master". Well guess what? I'm gonna make it harder anyway, because you asked for it. And yes, I have seen Rick and Morty, but I think Family Guy is funnier.

Thanks for your input. Thanks for playing. Stay cool, bro.

Hey this seems like a pretty cool idea!  I think I solved the first puzzle, but then I was just wandering around an open grey screen and couldn't really figure out where to go from there.  It seemed like it was just going on and on, and I wasn't really sure what I should be doing.

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll be taking them into account in the next update.